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Use our online help for our software

By using the online viewer, we can offer you convenient online support.

Our Service Packages

We offer you three well-balanced service packages for your individual start with untermStrich.

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Downloads & Installation

Installation Instructions for X4, X3, X2, X1; Legal


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Online Viewer

By using the Online Viewer, we can offer you convenient online support.

Software Releases

All update information from untermStrich. From X1 to the latest version.

Support information

untermStrich guarantees 18 months of support from the last major release or the end of development of a version. The following schedule, therefore, applies to the current and previous untermStrich versions:


  • End of support: No more support (written or by phone) will be provided for this version. There will be no bugfixes, nor will there be any adaptations to changed operating environments.
  • End of development: No new features will be implemented for the version from this point on. Bugfixes and hotline support will be implemented and delivered until the end of support. No adaptations to changed operating environments will be made.
  • Current version: New functionalities are implemented, support for new operating systems or Office products is guaranteed
  • Major version: Always up to the second digit (e.g. – so here 10.8.). New major versions mostly result from the changed operating environments, e.g. X → X.1, because of the operating systems’ latest PHP versions.