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Support information

untermStrich guarantees 18 months of support from the last major release or the end of development of a version. The following schedule, therefore, applies to the current and previous untermStrich versions:


  • End of support: No more support (written or by phone) will be provided for this version. There will be no bugfixes, nor will there be any adaptations to changed operating environments.
  • End of development: No new features will be implemented for the version from this point on. Bugfixes and hotline support will be implemented and delivered until the end of support. No adaptations to changed operating environments will be made.
  • Current version: New functionalities are implemented, support for new operating systems or Office products is guaranteed
  • Major version:Always up to the second digit (e.g. – so here 10.8.). New major versions mostly result from the changed operating environments, e.g. X → X.1, because of the operating systems’ latest PHP versions.

The project control panel is excluded from this schedule. For this module, adaptations to changed operating environments will continue to be carried out after the economic feasibility has been ascertained, i.e. the ability to run on new operating systems will be ensured. This module is expected to be supported in this form until the end of 2015.


How do I get more order in my daily work routine?

untermStrich takes care of that! For example, with the module “Tasks.” Here, all of the essential project deadlines, order details, and work completions are easily and quickly recorded and logged. This way, they can also be included later in the project evaluation. More info at: https://webservices.untermstrich.com/h3/de:tasks:basic

Can I see how much revenue individual employees generate?

Of course! The turnover generated per employee is an important key figure for the company. With the “Results – Turnover per Employee” Butler, you always have an eye on this value!

Does untermStrich also keep my e-mails organized?

Of course, it does. We all like fast and uncomplicated! With the “Project Mail” function, all incoming and outgoing mail is automatically assigned to the correct project. Pretty clever, isn’t it? More info at: https://webservices.untermstrich.com/…/de:projects…

How can I calculate an architect's fee according to HOAI?

Very easy – with the HOAI Butler! With just a few entries, the fee can be calculated and then saved as a project quote. How important is accuracy when entering project data? The added value, which could be generated by a complete-time recording within projects by untermStrich alone since the beginning of 2020, is close to 1.4 billion Euros. Any more questions?

How important is accuracy when entering project data?

The added value, which could be generated by a complete-time recording within projects by untermStrich alone since the beginning of 2020, is close to 1.4 billion Euros. Any more questions?

Can CRM also be uncomplicated?

That’s what we are here for! In the Addresses – CRM Butler, all customer interactions (e.g. calls, e-mails, address descriptions, etc.) are recorded chronologically and kept up to date. The butler is linked to other modules and provides all vital information for optimal customer relationship management. And you’re done!

How can I customize my expense list?

First, define a global design template with your logo and company data, then simply create your personalized expense lists in the modules. For more information, see: https://webservices.untermstrich.com/…/de:reportdesign…

How can I improve the organization of work in the office?

We focus on optimal time tracking through monitoring! With our Results-Time Sheet/Hours Butler, you always have an eye on your employee’s consistent time logging. This also ensures compliance with legal regulations

Can I also see who my biggest clients are at a glance?

Yes. Thanks to the Results – Top 10 Clients Butler, you can recognize possible economic dependencies at an early stage. More information: https://webservices.untermstrich.com/…/de:butler…

How can I write invoices even more efficiently?

In untermStrich, there are ready-made templates for offers, partial and interim invoices, reminders, etc., which are already stored in the program and only need to be activated.

What does OFFICE ON DEMAND mean?

What do we at untermStrich mean by this? Quite simply! The costs, fees, hourly rates, contracts, appointments, etc. of your planning office are readily available to you at any time and from anywhere in the world!

Why is seamless time logging essential?

This is the only way to calculate overtime and break times correctly, evaluate and plan resources accurately, and ensure that no hours worked on a project are lost during billing. untermStrich tip: Look out for fields with a yellow background in the lists. These indicate working days where the time recording is still missing!

Where can I find everything that has ever been saved for a project?

We have set up a virtual info point for you. All information that has ever been saved for a project can be found in the PROJECT FACTS Butler!

What is the current status of my project?

The answer is given by untermStrich within seconds by mouse click! In the Project Overview Butler, you can find all vital information (e.g. project costs, project hours, fees, forecasts etc.) clearly arranged on one page.

How do I make my office crisis-proof?

The new update of our management tool includes, among other things, the ability to flexibly move and even adjust fee quotes in the database if project requirements change. During the Covid19 crisis, jobs have been delayed or completely rescheduled. In such situations, invoices could be moved or altered without losing track of budget and liquidity planning. All other technical innovations of untermStrich can be found here: https://kunden.untermstrich.com/…/untermstrich-x3-132.html

How do I simplify management?

Start your day in a structured and efficient way! How? The start page of untermStrich is individually adapted to your personal management needs, so only relevant information is displayed. How this works in no time can be found in the link: https://webservices.untermstrich.com/h3/de:butler:usage…