This is how the planning office of the future works!

The organization

Do you really always have your office and, thus, your workday entirely under control? Hmmm. No problem!We organize you quite simply. And completely based on your personal needs.

The management

Okay, people don’t really like to talk about money. All the better if you can let the numbers speak for themselves. How can you do that so easily? Thanks to our smart software.

The Organization

A personalized start page, access to the current project status at any time and from anywhere in the world, simple and efficient time tracking – each of your teams simply puts together their own optimized virtual workspace.

Imagine starting up your mobile devices, logging into your work program tomorrow and… everything looks the way you always wanted!

Yes, you can! Because we are software with personality. What does that look like exactly? You have a constant overview of all the data and information relevant to you via a personalized interface.


Your advantages at a glance


Endless rummaging for construction documents and the like is finally a thing of the past. All projects, including detailed information, the people working on them and the associated communication, are centrally interlinked. That’s why we like to call our software a mastermind. This way, you can guarantee both your team and your customers fast communication and a transparent overview of the entire project.


Imagine being able to put your entire office in your pocket. Sound like an empty sales pitch? Um, please! With us, it’s reality. That’s because our web application guarantees fast and secure access to all your project data. No matter where you are in the world. 100% home office or mobile office is no problem for us!


Time is valuable. It’s good that you can access your project data around the clock via untermStrich. Also, when a customer urgently needs the latest construction development in black and white on the weekend. A few clicks on the cell phone or laptop, and he has the information. The customer is happy, and so are you. Because in this way, your leisure time can continue practically without disruption. Whether it’s all the relevant addresses, an overview of running costs including smart projections, or prompt access to all contracts and documents – you’re guaranteed not to miss important information anymore.

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The Management

So, do you have an overview of everything? That’s tough sometimes in hectic everyday life, isn’t it? Well, we’re happy to help. What if you could monitor your teams and develop individual projects anytime and from anywhere in the world? Get involved quickly, even before real problems arise. Euch schnell einklinken könnt, noch bevor echte Probleme entstehen.

Thus, work even more efficiently and position your company even more successfully on the market. How is this possible?


Your advantages at a glance

100% fee accounting & performance recording

Flexibly move or adjust invoices at any time if project requirements change. And without completely throwing the budget or liquidity plan out of whack. It sounds simple, but it’s a real masterstroke. At least if you are not an untermStrich user. With us, it’s effortless…

100% safety

The year 2020 has taught us one thing – sometimes everything turns out differently than one thinks. But that doesn’t matter. If you keep control. Thanks to untermStrich, even working in a home office succeeds without limitations. untermStrich not only tells you where your projects currently stand; it also helps with your company’s economic strategy. For example, our software warns you at an early stage of financial dependencies of individual and large customers or indicates in good time when an employee has accumulated too many hours.

100% change management

untermStrich not only tells you where your current projects currently stand. We also help with the economic strategy of your company. For example, our software warns you at an early stage of financial dependencies of individual, large customers or indicates in time when an employee has accumulated too many hours. No longer is a single euro lost. Yes, that’s right! Every hour worked by each employee is neatly documented at the end of the day and assigned to the respective projects. And all this with just a few clicks. This guaranteed comprehensive time logging especially ensures that externally caused changes, i.e. by the client, are quickly visible and that every euro is accounted for here as well. After all, it’s all about your economic success!

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